India's Best Handheld Billing Machine - WEP BP-200

Dear visitor WEP BP 200 is a India’s best handheld billing machine .It is specially designed for spot billing business such as Distribution, Parking, Finance and Ticketing applications. WEP BP 200 handheld printer comes with a carry bag to facilitate operator to carry. It is very simple to operate. It also comes with battery backup.

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Wep handheld Billing Machine
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Receipt Printing 4 Fantasy

  • Data Preservation For More Than 10,000 Tickets
  • Prints 2500 - 3500 Tickets With Single Charge
  • Usb Port To Upload / Download Data To Computer
  • Print One Ticket Per Second Continue 7 Lines

Your Customer's Benefits

  • Accurate Bills with no totaling required
  • Genuine Bills
  • Less waiting Time

Best Suited for

  • Distribution Applications
  • Parking Applications
  • Finance Applications
  • Ticketing Applications

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