Maxsell Vs Cheap Currency Counter Machine

QUALITY CONTROL - PARTS Every Component is Tested & Qualified as per standard before sending to Assembly line. No such Quality measures. Parts are taken to assembly without any standard test procedures.
ASSEMBLY LINE Fit, setting of parts is checked throughout the assembly line. Result - Lowest Breakdown. Assembly works as per the Design, no verification of setting or fit.
QUALITY CONTROL - MACHINE Every Single unit is tested for - Aging, Temperature & Ambient testing, Accuracy testing, etc Batch of 20% to 30% is only tested and approve the entire batch produced resulting in high failure ratio.
SPARES SUPPORT Life time spares support. No such policy.
SERVICE SUPPORT Over 250 Certified Engineers across India trained by R&D and Maintenance Experts. Cheap machines cannot afford such quality of service.
OEM PARTS Use OEM spares only for maintenance of Maxsell Products. Most parts are OEM, but not all.
FAKE DETECTION & ACCURACY Special R&D team dedicated for developing and improving Software and Hardware to detect Indian super fakes. They offer existing standard models, with few tweaks for detection. Hence no Guarantee on Fake note detection or accuracy.

MX50i - Currency Counter + Detection - RBI Tested

  • Accurate Detection of Super Fake notes in Rs.1000, 500, 100 denom
  • UV, IR, I-Scan Detection with LED Indicator
  • Chipset Upgradation facility
  • Preferred by India's Top Banks, Corporate, Small Medium Business owners
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MX50i Turbo - Advanced Value Counter + Detector

  • Value Count, Pre-2005 Compliant, Denom Sort
  • UV, I-Scan, IR, MG, MT, 3D Technology
  • On Screen Report
  • USB for Future Upgrade
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MX50 Smart+ Economical Counting + Detection

  • Counterfeit detection - UV, MG (Scan)
  • Batching, Adding facility
  • In Built Dust collector
  • Fast, Smooth & Stable Counting Performance
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