Online Portals Vs Appropriate Solutions

Why is Online Price Lower than Authorized Dealer Price?

Well buying Online is no doubt a more convenient way to buy products and that too at much lower prices.But this does not work for all products.

After selling Maxsell products Online for almost a year through leading Online portals, Maxsell found it was too difficult to provide quality after Sales Support to our customers to ensure long term performance of the product. Hence Maxsell decided and Quit selling Online only to ensure that Customer Satisfaction is the key to Every Sale & Maxsell must not compromise on that.

Our study proved that the Satisfaction Quotient of Customers buying through Authorized Dealers is relatively higher from those who purchased Online.

Maxsell Recommend you to Buy from Authorized Dealers.

  • Buying from Authorized Dealers You can Demand Direct after Sales Service.
  • You can see & understand Maxsell product before you purchase.
  • Avoid any hassles of landing up with damaged product or under performing products
  • Authorized dealers have trained engineers & stock Original Parts to quicken services to You.
  • Authorized Dealers will help in providing Personal Rapport with its Customers.

Prices of Authorized Dealers can be slightly higher than Online Sellers, because:

  • Support cost is added in the price So that they can ensure best buying experience with customer every time.
  • They employee trained engineers to fix problems at the customer site to avoid delay in services.
  • Every service is door step delivered.

Maxsell do not have any agreement with these Online portals to Sell or Support. If any Customer buys it Online, Its at His / Her Own Risk. Most Online portals have started opting sales through unprofessional suppliers without ensuring their Support capacity.

Take A Decision that can help you get More Support for Long Term.

Think Value Not Price

Maxsell Currency Counter Machines

MX50i - Currency Counter + Detection - RBI Tested

  • Accurate Detection of Super Fake notes in Rs.1000, 500, 100 denom
  • UV, IR, I-Scan Detection with LED Indicator
  • Chipset Upgradation facility
  • Preferred by India's Top Banks, Corporate, Small Medium Business owners
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MX50i Turbo - Advanced Value Counter + Detector

  • Value Count, Pre-2005 Compliant, Denom Sort
  • UV, I-Scan, IR, MG, MT, 3D Technology
  • On Screen Report
  • USB for Future Upgrade
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MX50 Smart+ Economical Counting + Detection

  • Counterfeit detection - UV, MG (Scan)
  • Batching, Adding facility
  • In Built Dust collector
  • Fast, Smooth & Stable Counting Performance
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