Safe Lockers

Safety and Security has become a primary concern for all. With increase in theft and misplace of valuables, Role for Safe lockers have become too much of necessity. Digital safes have additional advantage of operation without keys, which makes it more convenient and easy going. With highly intelligent matrix in our Maxsell Safe lockers, you valuables get maximum protection. All our Safety lockers are equipped with Emergency Over riding Keys, which can help you in emergency opening of locker.

Digital Safe Lockers are one of the Finest quality that come with sensibility, intelligence & reliability integrated in them. Wide range of Electronic Safes to choose from Economy Safes, Luxury Motorized safes, Fireproof Safe lockers, Card operated Swipe safes, Biometric Safes, etc.

With more than 30 models to choose from, Maxsell offers the largest collection of safe to suit every individual and business. Neat finish and Anti Corrosive treatment to the body of the safe, leaves our safe intact for years. Highly reliable electronics and high quality lock integrated in our Digital safe assure you Maximum protection and Peace of mind from Intrusion.

With our New Audit Trial Series safe, You can track the Operations of the safe without fixing additional Trial kit. Our Drawer safes are suitable where space is at premium, they can be fixed in Drawers or even in floor and have Hydraulic door system. Our fire proof safes confirms to UL standards and we have 5 models that you can choose from.

Economy Safes

Economy Safes
  • Easy to use install.
  • Low battery consumption, battery level indication.
  • Emergency overriding keys.
  • Password can be changed by the user in just 2 steps.

Motorized Luxury Safes

Motorized Luxury Safes
  • User friendly functions with emergency over riding keys.
  • No electricity required, works on regular aa size batteries.
  • Low battery consumption with battery level indication.
  • Motorized locking system with latching bolts.
  • Dual password for additional safety.

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof Safes
  • Special fire proof stuffing material(cellular concrete).
  • Ensures less than 118 deg cel when exposed to 1030 deg cel for one hour.
  • Confirms to ul fire test standards.
  • Alarms when hammered or wrong password entered for three times.
  • Dual locking system optional.

Card operated safes

Card operated safes
  • Card operated safes.
  • Can be programmed to suit individual needs.
  • Password 3 ~ 6 Digit Code
  • Credit Card Operation
  • Motorized Lock

Money Depository Safes

Money Depository Safes
  • Wholly steel structure, Multiple Bolts.
  • Electronic Lock/combination Lock.
  • Anti-fishing Labyrinth Sawtooth Hopper/Slot.
  • Alarm In Case Of Continuous Incorrect Coding, Shaking And Removing.

Drawer Safes

Drawer Safes
  • Space saving design.
  • Can be mount inside drawer or floor.
  • Hydraulic Arm for the easy door opening.
  • Lighting provided inside.
  • Four locking bolts for ultimate security.
  • Easy and Quick to install.

Pistol Safes

Pistol Safes Product Code: OES-66
Size External (W X H X D)
  • CMS: 23 X 8 X 38
  • Inches: 9 X 3.1 X 14.9
  • Weight : 6.50 Kgs